During his time in Frankfort, Representative Rick Rand has been a leader on the state budget and fiscal responsibility, on education and for supporting his home district.  Following are key pieces of legislation that were sponsored and supported by Rep. Rand:

House Bill 529, 2016 – establishes an 11-member Kentucky Water Resources Board to provide research and study a plan for future water quality issues to support Kentucky’s agriculture.

House Bill 626, 2016 – Work Ready Kentucky scholarship legislation to provide free tuition to students who quality, eliminating financial barriers and providing opportunities for jobs and good wages for Kentucky’s students.  In addition, the program would boost Kentucky’s workforce that is so critical to employers needed skilled, trained workers.

House Bill 1, 2011 – supports a ballot referendum to amend the Constitution of Kentucky relating to hunting, fishing, and harvesting wildlife. 
The bill proposes to amend the Constitution of Kentucky to create a right to hunt, fish, and harvest non-threatened species using traditional methods; submit to the voters for approval or disapproval.

House Bill 3, 2009 – Incentives for New Kentucky legislation streamlines and modernizes Kentucky’s business incentive program to increase and encourage new business growth and development. This program has lead to business expansions and new jobs in the 47th District including at North American Stainless.

House Bill 309, 2011 – requiring Kentucky to notify the FBI when a court commits someone to a mental institution or otherwise finds him or her mentally incompetent. The FBI will add those people to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, used by federally licensed gun dealers to screen customers.

House Bill 58, 2011 – requires all convicted offenders of drunk driving to be required to install an interlock (breathalyzer) device on their automobile, at their own expense, for a period of time ordered by the court to insure that is the offender is drinking alcohol, their car will not start.

Paid for by Rick Rand for State Representative, Regina Rand, Treasurer