Legislative Update from Rep. Rick Rand Sept. 18, 2017

FRANKFORT — States have a hard time making changes to their public pension systems. That’s because public pensions in nearly all states — 41, as of 2014 — are contractual obligations that the courts have ruled must be met. In Kentucky, the contract we have with our public employees, teachers and retirees is called an… Continue Reading

Legislative Update on Pensions by Rep. Rick Rand Sept. 11, 2017

FRANKFORT — Kentucky’s state pension systems are underfunded by at least $33 billion right now, leaving us among the worst funded retirement systems in the nation. Legislation passed in both 2008 and 2013 changed benefits for those hired in recent years, but those adjustments have not yet had enough time to meaningfully affect the overall… Continue Reading

Legislative Update by Rep. Rick Rand Sept. 6, 2017

FRANKFORT – It was shortly before 9 a.m that most Americans knew something was wrong that bright fall day 16 years ago. Regular TV programming ended abruptly nationwide as video of smoke pouring out of a tower of the World Trade Center in New York City dominated broadcasts. A commercial airliner had hit the tower… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Rep. Rick Rand August 30, 2017

FRANKFORT –Labor Day is a day off for many workers. But what is Labor Day, and what does it really mean for America’s workforce? Certainly, the American worker has come a long way and we can be thankful that we have traveled the distance. We have the right to a safe environment and compensation when… Continue Reading

Legislative Update from Rep. Rick Rand August 21, 2017

The end of the last fiscal year wasn’t as good to the state as we had hoped it would be. When the group of independent economists who gauge how much revenue the state will have gave its official revenue estimate in late 2015, it predicted 2.7 percent growth state General Fund over Fiscal Year 2016.… Continue Reading

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